Wednesday, August 29, 2007

By the skin of my teeth

So the dentist visit (which usually doesn't bother me at all), seemed to be rougher than normal. Maybe it's the forcible breaking the crown open that isn't supposed to come off is just a tough procedure. Don't get me wrong, I like my dentist, I just feel like I got hit in the face today by a burly guy named Steve. Is it bad when the dentist says, "Well there was alot of blood and we had to work more into your gums than expected"? All in all it really wasn't that bad, but the temporary I have (I have always hated the temporaries) has a roughness to it that feels like I have something stuck on my tooth. Very hard to not think about it, but I'll have practice ignoring it over the next 3 weeks until the replacement (and hopefully better fitting) crown is ready. I wonder if they have it in pearly brown to match. *grin*
Sleep may be elusive also as that's the side of my face I sleep on....
Here goes nuttin'!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Breakfast Club

So our security team at work has a weekly meeting, and some time ago someone had the thought to bring breakfast for everyone. Which then turned into a weekly rotation for everyone. This week it's my turn again, and it's my second installment of "Let's try home cookin'!" Tomorrow (though usually it's Thursdays) I'll be up early making ham, egg, and cheese muffin sammiches, and bringing fresh fruit, and of course da wife made some VERY tasty coffee cake. YUM!

After the meeting I have a short day, since I'm back to the dentist. Must say though I think my dentist is amazing, and even da wife goes there to submit to cleaning and dental work, I am not enthusiastic about going. I need to have an old (semi-butchered job of a) crown removed, some cleanup work on the base and surrounding gums (that are NOT happy becuase of the ill-fitting crown) and then a new crown installed. I'm angry that I not only have to have the work done again, but also have to pay for it again! (Wow! I totally sound like JamesF!) If it were only like $50, I wouldn't care so much, but it's like $500+. And yes, James, it will be reimbursed by the company (I don't think I've hit my ceiling for the year anyway), and prolly still have enough left over for updated glasses, but that's not the point. The last butcher... I mean dentist I went to should've done a better job. Don't get me started on the filling I've had refilled 4 times... if that goes bad again, it's so close to the nerve I'm ready to tell them to pull it and fit me with a nice cheap wooden one. ;-)

Good night, true believers!

Thank God You're Here!

I finally managed to pick up some time to watch some old TiVo recordings, and came across this show. Thank God You're Here I have not laughed that hard in a long time. It has some similarities to Who's Line, in that it's improvisational (for the guest hosts) in some staged scenes that they are just dropped into with no prior knowledge.

The show's weekly cast members are also excellent in responding to and offering choices to the guest hosts. I think the one that had me laughing to tears was the one that had GeorgeTakei as well as others. The final scene (an improv with all four guest hosts at once), broke down into utter chaos, and had even the players beside themselves with laughter. If you get a chance to check it out (Mondays, NBC, 8PM EST).

And since it's 8/28 I'm off to get 'Heroes' Season 1 on DVD!! Woo HOO!
(now I can finally catch up on all the episodes I've missed. Wonder when season 2 comes out, since I haven't watched that either!)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Frog in your throat?

I don't have one in my throat... but I did find this little guy desperately trying to stay out of the rain.

(Kinda funny that an amphibian didn't like the rain... maybe it was the torrential downpour part...) Hopefully he'll get to snack on some of the bugs near my back door! Go little buddy!

It ain't over till it's over

And well... the Harry Potter series... is over.
I finally finished the 7th book "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" this week. As always, it was a tough to put down book, with not quite the expected ending. A fair bit of death and (more surprisingly) a good deal of maiming are sprinkled liberally on the story following the final quests of our favorite boy-wizard.

I still have a couple years before the last 2 movies are out, and yes I will be seeing them in the theatre, and most likely owning them on DVD too. But hey, I like movies, and have a large collection. Besides, you can't just get 1 or two movies out of a series, that's just wrong!

Just a tiny update as I slowly return to the land of the bloggers. JamesF's reign as last article is over at a four months.