Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Fun at the dentist

As it comes around, so it came to my semi-annual dental checkup. 3 years out on X-rays so today I have filled my quota of exposure to radiation. Thanks. Bite wing AND the full panorama to boot. I hate taking the bite wings because usually the film is tall and stiff and scrapes my mouth in quite a sharp way. Today however, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they have changed to a more malleable film that conforms to the contours of the mouth better, so... no scraping. They saved the scraping for the metal implements on my teeth directly. Truthfully this has never bothered me, and I often imagine myself as wildlife having my teeth cleaned by birds. (ok so I have a wild imagination, whatever.) The hygienist (same one Da Wife goes to) was mostly happy with my teeth, and the doc found nothing wrong. Which is like good news, but not quite. Certainly better than the alternative, so *I* take it as good news.
After a thorough scraping and polishing, Vivien (the hygienist) starts explaining how this time there won't be a fluoride rinse, and before I can ask, she says that today we'll be using a painted on fluoride that is stronger and stays on longer. There's just one drawback - it feels like old gum coating your teeth. No real after taste, but there is an aroma (faint though it may be) that I occasionally smelled that reminded me of airplane glue without all the buzz.
And what could be better after the dentist than lunch with Da Wife at the sushi place! Well Vivien *did* say nothing crunchy, so I blame her. (Thanks Vivien!) We usually go to a place called Tsunami over in Fairfax. Great for lunch. Now they even have calamari, tempura style (lightly breaded) that is very tasty.
After lunch a few quick errands, and I have secured my future jack o'lantern (or possible jill, not 100% on face yet), we even got one for Da Wife. I considered the Vomiting Pumpkins I have seen. Though I suspect they would not last long in THIS neighborhood. Perhaps this year we've seen enough horror in the market, and I will make a whimsical gourd.

Tomorrow - another dog show. Hopefully Roxie will score her title, if Mother Nature can hold off on raining long enough. At the very least it will be holiday shopping for the "kids'" presents.


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