Sunday, April 01, 2007

Miami Splice

I've been meaning to get this pic up for a while, but finally found a smidgen of free time to get a post together. If you're wondering who is standing in for Crockett, just check out JamesF's pages. And James, I'm sorry, but after your original post, I just couldn't help myself. If it makes you feel better, Da Wife put me up to it! (and she's laffin her booty off as I type this up. So for that, Thank you!)

And now... for the pic!

And YES James... the sizes are slightly off, but I had limited options to work with. Maybe I'll refine the "merge" on a later image. Got anything with that groovy white belt? (OK so I edited it and posted the newer pic, still isn't perfect, but better. And I still want the pic with the white belt!)