Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

This day brings about all kinds of thoughts. From chocolate and notes to gang style killings. For me, it's mostly a reminder of how much commercialism has spread. With all the advertisements that force you into the idea of the only way to express love is to buy something. The more you buy, the more you love. What a crock.
I think a hand written note to someone you care about (not just a Love ya!), but I mean a real what you think of them note, says so much more about how you feel than a made in China $5 teddy bear. I don't know how we all got so wrapped up in buying things as expression of self, but I think we should take a step towards doing and saying instead of just buying. After all, if you really care about this person, isn't something of yourself far more valuable than something ANYONE can buy?

So sure, bring home the occasional treat, or card, or even flower. But don't use Valentine's Day as an excuse, or use it as the ONLY day you do something like this. Showing up with something unexpected, without a thousand adds to remind you, says something even better than the little candy hearts of wisdom.

At least the good news is there will be lots of discount chocolate available tomorrow! ;-)