Saturday, November 01, 2008

But it isn't Thanksgiving yet

No, it isn't Thanksgiving yet, but since Da Wife and I have birthdays so close together I decided I'd take a weekend and cook her favorite dinner. Turkey dinner, and I don't mean the country.
So today was the day I picked, and I made her a rotisserie turkey breast. I used one of the only "as seen on tv" items I own and swear by. The Ron Popeil Showtime Rotisserie from Ronco. Yes, this is the thing where everyone yells back in response to him saying "Just set it, and..." Crowd: "FORGET IT!" I tell you what, this baby does a great job. (I think I've mentioned that before.) It's going 6-7 years now, and still going strong. But back to the dinner...
Along with the turkey breast (it was nice and juicy btw) was homemade garlic mashed potatoes (mmmm), homemade mushroom stuffing (mmmm), fresh green beans (SNAP!), and the obligatory cranberry "stuff" (this time with whole berries - mmmm). Everything came out tasty, so I am pleased and I think she is too.
For a twist on the classic apple pie or pumpkin pie for dessert, I wanted to try and make one of her favorites - Tiramisu. Espresso and amaretto soaked lady fingers wrapped in a luscious sweetened and whipped mascarpone filling (almost tastes like a light whipped custard) and topped off with some cocoa. Took a little more work than brownies I used to make, but well worth it. A little more refinement and it will be just the way I want it. Hrmm... I wonder if Da Wife will volunteer to taste the next batch...
Oh, this is what it looked like:

Meant to snap some pics of the golden turkey breast, but got too hungry and carved it up quick! Maybe next time.


At 6:42 PM, Blogger bahnsidthe said...

The tiramisu was mahhhh-velous.


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