Wednesday, October 22, 2008

November approaches

Just 10 days away now, and that means 10 days from NaNoWriMo again. This is the annual "write a novel in 1 month" concept, that I had attempted before, but stalled. I am currently debating whether or not I will try again this year or not, and if so what my topic/genre/theme/plan/etc will be.
They say write what you know, but last time I tried that all I got was a pamphlet. Seriously though I'm not sure what would make a good story. Which of course the NaNo folks would say that's my problem. I'm trying to write something GOOD not just a novel. I guess if I can jump that hurdle, then I'd be able to finish and not care that a cyber-thriller turns into cowboys in space fighting mutant twinkies or something worse. Just as long as I kept writing, who cares about plot anyway. Plots are a crutch.
By the same token, I would like to write something at least semi cohesive, and I know I want fiction (b/c that's easier - GEEZ!). And as much as I think I'd like writing a comedy, I just don't know about that. I think that I would prefer to write something else with humor sprinkled in among the story like jimmies on a sundae. Much like it is woven into life, not all focused in one spot, it should help the story not BE the story.
If you have any ideas that you want to offer up, by all means throw down!

(Oh and it's not too late to signup and join in the insanity!)


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