Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!
Well it seems as though I *may* have been a little too generous at the beginning of the candy dispensing evening. Since I had to turn out the lights just before 8PM due to insufficient sweets. Buffer under run. Sad sad tale. If you recall, I'm in a group at work that is competing in a Biggest Loser type event, so we were trying really hard not to have extra candy and sweets (my Achilles' heel) in the house. To that end we tried to aim for "enough with a little padding" to give out. To be fair we did purchase enough to have covered the number of Trick or Treaters (ToTs) from the past two years with some to spare. Even DOUBLED up. The last two years we got somewhere between 30 to 40 kids visiting the house. Using that figure we picked up enough for about 45 kids (I thought a 5+ kid buffer would be enough and I could be less generous if it looked scanty...).
Silly me, I told Da Wife "Nah, you don't need to go get more, we should be ok. It looks like it's slowing down." Wrong. For whatever reason they came in groups about twice the size of last year (usually we get groups 4-7 kids big), this year we had groups around 9-12 and one that had a string of 15 kids in a row. (I don't think traveling together, but they were all at once nonetheless.)
Now, I did put up more outdoor decorations than I have for the past two years, including two carved pumpkins and a spider hanging from the tree.

Guess who carved which:

If you said I carved the puking pumpkin, you guessed wrong! I have the cutesy face pumpkin and Da Wife made the ill one. All by herself. (OK. I cut the top out and made a notch for a candle, but everything else was her.) I think hers came out great, and we got compliments and fantastic reactions all night long! I took several pictures, but too many were fuzzy so maybe I'll take more during the day and see if I can't get more of the decorations in (and a better pic of her pumpkin).

We enjoyed our annual tradition of Thai for dinner, and as usual it was tasty. So tomorrow is leftovers day, while I go through my arsenal of Halloween decor and try to thin it out to a few plastic bins. I have a lot, and seriously need to shrink it down. Anyone looking for anything? *grin*


At 9:20 AM, Blogger JamesF said...

Her vomiting pumpkin is great. We had more kids than last year too. But we managed to just have enough candy for all of them.


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