Saturday, October 18, 2008

I've FALLen

Ok, maybe not ME, but the weather has certainly turned a ripe shade of Autumn. And with that our HOA decided to throw a Fall Festival... in our neighborhood... on our street... in front of my house... and told me (and my neighbors) we all had to move our cars from 10-4. Me and Da Wife moved our cars alright, but I dragged my heels in protest until about 10:09. That'll show 'em. (That I'm constantly late.) Fortunately my worst concerns were avoided, and there was no massive pile of litter or torn up lawn on our property. Though you can definitely see where LOTS of people walked across and down our hill. Our neighbor across the way didn't fare as well, it looked like a popcorn machine had thrown up on her side yard... at least the birds and squirrels will help her clean up. ;-)

We met up with our friend Ed for lunch at Coastal Flats today. Now I like this seafood place a lot (don't get out there often, but they have good stuff), and I almost always get the:
Sauteed Shrimp & Creamy Grit Cakes
with Smithfield ham, roasted corn, asparagus, peppers, sweet onion & Cajun cream
(and it is divine.)
This time however, I went off the beaten path and ordered something I've only read and considered each time I went, only to have it fall to the wayside in the wake of the mighty grit cake. But today... today the Sea Bass won out:
Hong Kong Style Sea Bass
steamed with fresh leaf spinach in a soy sherry broth with sesame ginger, scallions & sticky rice
(It too was divine.)
It's very similar to P.F. Chang's sea bass, but with some subtle flavor differences. I think I would have to give the edge to Chang's dish (possibly the marination in Oolong does it for me), but you couldn't go wrong with either.
Da Wife had her usual Coastal Shrimp Roll (it's a sammich, don't let the name fool ya!) which is quite tasty, with the cutest little skinny fries that also pack a surprising amount of yumminess in a slender package. Ed had the Salmon stack (I have also looked at this, and it seemed like it was very tasty, but I don't think it will ever beat the shrimp and grit cakes for me, or the sea bass) which comes with whipped cauliflower.
Sadly we all managed to fill up on lunch, and left no room for the scrumptious desserts they have. My favorite there is probably the Key Lime Pie... mmmm... I can almost drool at the thought. Maybe next time we'll save room...


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